Ducks on the pond

Migratory visitors on our pond. Several scaup have stopped in on their way to northern breeding grounds. Canadian geese and mallards are our usual residents, but around February a flash of white catches your attention because it’s not a color we’re used to seeing on our ducks. I was unable to figure out whether they’re greater or lesser scaup, but felt better when I learned that even Mr. Audubon had trouble with it, too. Who am I to say whether they greater or lesser?

Welcome to the Miami Valley, scaup. Safe travels.22CCE0AC-4B4B-4692-8AD1-6E7C6CBE483D

A Thought About Youth Work

Besides being a son, father, and husband, what I love best about my life is being involved in the lives of teenagers. Tonight I was in a place where one of my Leaders Club kids used to work, and was so moved to hear their former co-workers speak so highly of them. Keep your eyes on these kids – they’re some of the ones who are making a difference, and I am so proud of every one of them

2nd Week of Early Fall

Poor Will’s Almanack on WYSO says over 200 species of birds wilk have left the Midwest by the equinox. Tuesday morning a goldfinch visited our backyard feeder. Late Sunday afternoon some kind of hawk flew about 20’ overhead and traveled right down the center of Colleen Dr in front of our house. Hummingbirds have been more frequent at our hibuscus. Soon we’ll say goodbye to a lot of our avian friends until spring.