Signs of a Spiritual Awakening (a curation)

I didn’t imagine the rabbit holes I would go down when I first read an article a friend shared about a spiritual awakening. At first, it seemed like a quaint, interesting bit about becoming aware of the nearness of the kingdom of heaven and how that awareness gives way to different attitudes and behavior. An internet search for related articles led me to articles describing all kinds of vibrations one may feel or orbs one may see. I passed over those, and curated the following list of indications with which I can better relate.

  • Increased tendency to let things happen, not make them happen
  • Feelings of being connected with other people and nature
  • Ability to enjoy each moment
  • Loss of interest in conflict
  • Not wanting to interpret the actions of others
  • Loss of interest in judging others and myself
  • Increased capacity for empathy
  • Ability to love without expecting anything
  • Feeling drawn to nature
  • Recognizing that all life is sacred
  • Increased ability to slow down

This is not a complete list, and these are merely things I resonate with. I may add to the list or change it. I wonder what experiences you have of recognizing the nearness of the kingdom of heaven and how that impacts how you walk in the world?

4th Sunday of Advent

Today’s service included the ordination and installation of Deacons and Elders for terms beginning in 2023

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